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Bally Doing Well Despite it All

Many thought that Bally would be showing a dramatic decrease in their revenue with the slump in slot machine sales that many companies have been seeing over the past six months. Instead, the slot machine manufacturer has shown an increase of four cents per share this quarter shocking everyone who was expecting the worst.

They say that this time last year they had 54 cents a share and this year they had 58 cents a share something they are very proud of. Most people thought that if the slot machine manufacturer was able to show any kind of a profit it would be more like 55 cents a share but that most likely it would be more like 53 or 52 cents a share.

The slot machine company says that they might be doing poorly in some areas and that the economy might not be as good as it could be but that it does not matter for a company like them. They say that they are so diversified that if one area is not doing as well as they would like, they have other areas that they can turn to in order to boost those areas that need the additional push.

They say that they are hopeful for the future as they know that those casinos that are currently holding off on their slot machine purchases will eventually start buying them again. They also know that there are many companies out there that are just getting started and states that are in the process of adding slot machines. They expect that their numbers will not only increase but that they will get stronger as the years go on.