Gambling Tips for Canadian Players

Reading CA Betting Odds Online

If you are ever placing bets with a CA bookmaker, you can practically guarantee yourself that you will be confronted with odds in fraction format. These are commonly called CA odds, and are still widely used at both land-based bookies and online sportsbooks.

If you are familiar with decimal odds, CA fraction odds are not that different. They can actually be converted into decimal odds by simply adding a 1 to the fraction. Assuming you can convert your fractions into decimals ( a calculator comes in handy for this ), it is not at all difficult to calculate the payout of a bet.

For instance, let’s say you make a £500 bet on a team that is favored with odds posted in the fraction format, 3/4. Simply multiply your wager by the odds (converted into proper decimal odds), and you will have the total payout. For this particular example, it would look something like this: £500(1+3/4) = £500(1.75) = £875. Obviously, the amount of profit on this bet (not taking into consideration the vig) would be £350.

In keeping with the math, this amount can be obtained in a way other than subtracting the original wager from the payout. Simply multiply the wager amount by the fraction odds (without adding the 1). Although there is a little more math involve with fraction odds, they are quite simple and convenient to use. Look for them at any leading CA online gambling sites.