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Bellagio Cup Championship Won by 21 Year Old Poker Champion

Twenty-one year old civil engineering student, Shannon Shorr, completed his first World Series of Poker contest this week at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, with a tremendous win. He no longer has to worry about money and his sufficient funds in his bank account to pay his tuition at the University of Alabama.

Now that Shorr has brought in over a million dollars he is beginning to reconsider his academic pursuits. Now that he has completed eight months playing poker professionally, he feels that he has to take off some time for thinking things over. It was Internet poker that introduced Shorr to playing having started at Party Poker. After this he traveled over the world playing at live events in such places as the Bahamas, Spain, Australia and Austria. He did this up to the age of 21.

It was in Las Vegas at the Bellagio Cup competition that Shorr had his latest success in the figure of $960,000 dollars. With this his overall winnings for the year 2018, came to about $1.3 million. Cardplayer ranks him in third place within its Professional Poker Player of the Year Contest. This places him behind Phil Hellmuth Jr. by a total of 63 points.

After finishing 577th in the World Series of Poker Main Event, Shorr was on his way back to school. He had begun as one among 8,773 players. Rather than make his way back to school it was his decision to put down the entrance fee to play in the Bellagio Championship at a cost of $10,000, which has turned out well for him. He is still working toward their title of Player Of The Year.

Another example of a young (aged 21) player is Jeff Madsen who is also changing today’s world of poker. In the recently completed Las Vegas World Series of Poker, Madsen participated by playing at the four final tables which he was the winner of two bracelets and a million and a half dollars.